MO5AIC (Mosaic) - Vocally Driven // A Cappella // Music

MO5AIC is a 5-man vocal supernova that will leave you scratching your head wondering where “the band” is. Having worked with the likes of Jay Leno, Prince and Tony Bennett, MO5AIC's interactive and finely tuned performance is great for all ages and demographics.




Mimicking the sounds of a drum kit, as well as utilizing the more organic sounds inherent in beatboxing, Jake has created a driving, technical style that’s all his own.  His uncanny reproduction of many instrumental sounds, including the guitar, flute, harmonica and turn-tables, coupled with his strong musical ear has taken him past beatboxing and into the realm of sound artistry.

Throughout the last few years, Jake has performed world-wide and shared the stage with many of the music industry’s greatest talents, including Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Sheryl Crow, Boyz II Men, Kenny G, Heart’s Ann Wilson, and the New York Voices, just to name a few.

Jake’s versatile talents as both a writer and a performer have been featured in films, on television programs (The Academy Awards, NBC’s “The Sing Off”, Monday Night Football) and in commercials (NBA Finals, T-Mobile’s UK commercial sensation, “Welcome Home”).

When he’s not writing or performing, Jake focuses much of his energy towards music production, commercial sound effects, and both group and individual instruction at music festivals around the world.