MO5AIC (Mosaic) - Vocally Driven // A Cappella // Music

MO5AIC is a 5-man vocal supernova that will leave you scratching your head wondering where “the band” is. Having worked with the likes of Jay Leno, Prince and Tony Bennett, MO5AIC's interactive and finely tuned performance is great for all ages and demographics.



As a kid, Josh had an idea: take purely vocal music to the mainstream.

Welcome to that idea. MO5AIC was no doubt the result of early childhood exposure to the A Cappella sound. Road trips with the family always had their own special brand of soundtrack, which always consisted of purely A Cappella music blasting from the station wagon tape-deck.

His efforts to push down the mainstream door have led to some increased awareness of the art. When Mosaic was named MTV’s Top Pop Group in 2008, Josh’s arrangements and vocally driven approach to pop music quickly garnered the attention of show producers and TV execs. These same execs were later inspired to create an all-vocal competition now known as “The Sing-Off.”

Josh is a verified chord-geek/theory nerd, and whether covering existing tunes or creating original music, he stands apart with his twisted musical inclination that’s helped define the MO5AIC sound. He’s sung and/or arranged for Walt Disney World, Warner Bros., MTV, The Black-Eyed Peas’ “Taboo”, Marc Broussard, America’s Got Talent, Prince, and the Grammy Awards. In forging the obscure path from home-studio to the air-waves, Josh ponders an ongoing question: “Is the world ready?”

MO5AIC: Heath Burgett | Jake Moulton | Josh Huslig | Corwyn Hodge | RoopaAhuja